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Why Hire Scientific Methods, Inc.?


Many pest advisors visit the orchard, examine one or two sites, describe what they've found in about as much detail as you could do yourself, and write recommendations.  We provide detailed, accurate inspections, drawing upon our extensive experience to solve your problems.  This is what you can expect...


  • Detection:  Day-degree predictions and trap results help us time pest appearance and assess whether the pest is even present in economically important numbers.  Most advisors do this.  Our uniqueness lies in our ability to assess potential damage in a highly accurate, state-of-the-art manner:  we inspect nuts directly for eggs and hatching larvae, and do this at least once a week.  That way we can accurately assess pest population size, and optimally time your spray for best kill.  You receive a detailed written copy of our findings after every inspection.  Examples of our data sheets can be found here.  We retain a copy to keep track of long-term trends.

  • Monitoring and Assessment:  When pest advisors first detect a pest, some immediately recommend control, rather than delve deeper to see if the problem is real.  When we detect a potential problem, we investigate further, taking more samples. Perhaps the problem is minor or localized, and solvable using vareital, one-sided, or touch-up sprays.  Remember: the less an advisor knows about the pest and how it interacts with the crop, the more likely you'll be spraying "just in case."  We don't take chances, but our broad experience and knowledge removes more uncertainty, eliminating unnecessary control measures.  The success of our business is the proof our methods work.

  • Recommendations:  Before making a recommendation, we evaluate the situation economically, considering nut load, potential damage if left unsprayed, and pesticide cost.  The bottom line for you -- and us -- is your profits.  We'll tell you exactly how we derived our recommendation.  You get all the facts.  That way, you make the best decision.

  • Techniques with Reason:  How did your pest advisor decide what techniques to use for detecting and monitoring pests?  Is he simply following extension or someone else's recommendations... without knowing why?  Scientific Methods doesn't just use techniques.  We thoroughly know them, and we try to improve them.  We periodically test new pesticides for chemical companies, and stay on top of new methods that might be applicable to tree crops.  You profit from our in-depth background.

  • A Personal Reference Source:  We monitor the technical and trade literature.  We are members and regularly attend professional conferences, including the highly regarded Entomological Society of America.  We interact with faculty at several institutions, and conscientiously keep informed on pest control.  When we suspect that new, potential pests have entered the orchard, we get them identified -- we don't guess.  Our immersion in the pest control aspect of farming lets you concentrate on other matters.  Each year we watch hundreds of orchards from Fresno to Red Bluff, spending more time examining nut crops than any extension agen or faculty member.  Even growers with many years experience in nut crops benefit from our region-wide perspective on farming methods.

  • Growing Dividends:  Pay-offs increase every season.  The longer we manage an orchard, the better we know its vulnerabilities.  The more orchards we watch in an area, the more effective are our preventative control recommendations.


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