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Why Hire Scientific Methods, Inc.?



How can it save you money?




"You could do your own taxes.  But you pay a tax accountant because the job they do and the money you save more than pays for the service...


So wouldn't it pay to hire a pest management service that can streamline pest control and save you money?"



Consider the following:


  • A highly trained advisor, with a strong entomology and pest management background, can identify more pests at earlier stages.  They have a better idea of when pests will and will not develop into economic problems.

  • An experienced advisor has seen a wide variety of orchards and pest situations.  Whatever problems you have, he has probably seen it before and knows viable solutions.

  • An independent advisor cannot increase income by recommending a spray.  Eliminating this profit removes much of the incentive to recommend marginal applications.  And that frees you to shop the most economical source for pesticides.

Even in today's agricultural economic climate, a grower who practices sound business can usually make consistent profits.  But this means spending money in ways that save money in the long run.  That's especially true for pest control.  Spraying "just in case," or whenever "worms" are found isn't economical, nor does it always control the pest.  It does reduce profits -- and no grower consciously chooses that.  But can control costs be reduced without sacrificing control?  We think so.


Scientific Methods, Inc., optimizes the return from your pest control dollar with a year-round, full-service pest management program for tree crops.  The cost, ultimately, is probably less than you pay now, even if you pay nothing.  That's because you'll almost certainly recover your investment if we eliminate only one unnecessary spray, improve quality, or increase production.


Heard this before?  We believe our service is unique.  For example, consider what often happens in pest management advising....


The only goal of many pest advisors is to keep the grower happy.  "Just in case" sprays usually keep pests under control in the short-run.  Of course, they also "control" populations that would have remained small if left alone.  But as long as control costs aren't outrageous, and the grower is happy, the advisor has no incentive to eliminate waste.  Unfortunately, unnecessary sprays not only cost money, but can cause mite explosions, secondary pest outbreaks, even resistance.  Necessary, ill-timed sprays needlessly increase damage even though you may never know it.  Do you know for a fact that your applications are necessary and well-timed?  Are you sure you receive the highest profits from your orchards?


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